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Publish Date: 16 August 2022 - 13:12

1- Safeguard the credibility and integrity of all club competitions in Asia and Iran;
2- Allow the development of benchmarking for clubs in financial, sporting, legal, personnel and administrative, infrastructure related criteria throughout Asia.
3- Continuously improve the standard of all aspects of football and futsal in Asia and to give priority to the training and care of young players in every club;
4- Ensure that clubs have an adequate level of management;
5- Improve the financial capability of the clubs, increasing their transparency and credibility and place the necessary importance on the protection of creditors and to ensure that clubs settle their liabilities with employees, social/tax authorities and other club punctually;
a) To introduce more discipline and rationality in club football finances;
b) To encourage clubs to operate based on their own revenues
c) To encourage responsible spending for the long-term benefit of football;
6- Improve clubs’ sporting infrastructure to provide the various stakeholders with well-equipped and safe stadiums and facilities;
7- To ensure that clubs are properly constituted under national laws and in accordance with the statutes of the IRIFF;





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3-IRIFF Club Licensing Policy 2022


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